Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Year with our Main Man!!

Over the past few weeks, Mesay has become very interested in numbers.  He excels in math, starting to do addition pages and writing in answers.  So, he did the math on how long he had been in the U.S. and was shocked, upset and shed tears over the fact that it had been zero years since we first got to bring him out of the HOME in Ethiopia and bring him into our family forever.  He cried saying, "but Winnie got to be here longer than me."  Then he got angry and said, "I'll be here longer than you someday Winnie, jjjjust you wait!!"  The beautiful, tearful little man wants to not be the "new guy" anymore! 

The fact that he is able to debate the facts of his timeline is truly amazing to me.  He speaks in full sentences, albeit his pitch is so high sometimes we wonder if it is English!  In one short year, he has mastered a new language, and lost 99% of his native tongue, Amharic.  At times, I add Amharic words into our conversation and find him asking me what they mean.  This makes me sad, but hopeful that someday we will learn Amharic together, and I bet the two kids will pick it up WAY faster than this mama.

He gives the sweetest kisses.  It knocks me off my feet when he screams out the door as he leaves, "I love you so much mom, I hope you know how much!" or "You look cute today mom!"  Sometimes, when he wants some affection he says, "Cccc-aa-nn, can you look for ticks in my hair?"  this means, "can you scratch my head and I will lay on your lap?"  The same defiant, willful spirit that gets him in trouble shows up when he wants you to know that he loves you.  It's never a lukewarm "I love you", It's a full throttled, loud jolt of "I LOVE YOU" that leaves no doubt in your mind.

As we celebrate this first year as a family of four, I can not help but reflect how far we have come.  I praise God for giving us wisdom on parenting our kids, mercy when we have had not so great days, and love to fill in the gaps.  God has used family and friends to make this last year work.  From emergency babysitting when Mesay was at the hospital with Rheumatic Fever to helping read bedtime stories when Tim had been gone a few nights, we have an amazing community! 

His curiosity demands answers.  His defiance springs from courage.  His energy is limitless. 

We Love You Mesay Daniel Shaw!!!   Happy one year.