Saturday, August 3, 2013

5, First American Birthday, Riding high

 That slide was his favorite.  He asked me on the way up if he could have another birthday the day after tomorrow...
 A handsome group of kiddos, lots from our African adoption group

 His one wish was to cut the cake himself and place the snacks at everyones seats
 Homemade cake tasted great!  He dugg his claws into it several times.

 Micah and Mesay look like old men squabbling over politics or football teams :)  I hope they grow old together :)
 Whhooops, Winnie really wanted to be the one on the throne...

 In fact, she didn't ever get down :)
Crazy eyes.

Tonight I was walking out of Mesay's room.  He said, "mom, MOM!!! I love you so, so much mom! did I hug you hard enough tonight to show you?"
He's been home eleven months.


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