Friday, July 5, 2013

Been There, Done That

Mesay struggles with admitting things are new to him.  For example, Winnie says "In Disney World, you get to meet all the princesses."  Mesay retorts, "I know, I've been there."   The discussion goes back and forth, "no you haven't" "yes, I have" until I finally step in and try to help him speak the truth.  Ahhhh, I know it's because he wishes he had done things, wishes he had been here longer, or probably mostly wishes he could say the exact same things Woineshet does.  In this particular situation, we were in the car headed to Circleville.  For those of you who have not attended the pumpkin show, you must realize it is a pretty small town.  Mesay looks out the window and says, "Is this Disney World?"  Irony abounding.

Another example would be the argument I overheard yesterday.  "I've been here longer than Winnie.  I have."  To which Winnie is getting testy and upset about, "YOU HAVE NOT!!!  You've only been her under a year and I have been here 3 1/2 years."  Mesay shouts back, "I have been here longer than you Winnie.  I came home first!"  This has her in a complete tizzy.  She starts explaining how she has been here longer and that she came with us to meet him for the first time one year ago.  All of her careful facts mean nothing to him.  He's screaming, "have too, have too, have too!!"  So, apart from earning a "think it over" time in our living room chair, Mesay managed to give me an idea.

I want to start out by describing things and talking about new experiences before he puts his guard up and says he's done them before.  Sparklers, for example:  We have discussed these "firesticks" and even though he says he's used them before, we say how special it will be to use them for the first time!
We shall see how it works.  For today, He and Winnie put on a play about Mary and Joseph.  He really wanted to be Mary but realized he got to wear Winnie's fur coat as Joseph, so he was cool with it.

While it's important to correct his behavior when necessary, it's pretty funny to see what he comes up with when left to his own imagination!! 

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