Monday, March 11, 2013

The New Ride

This is how things go in our family:

We are all 4 in the car, driving out of church. 
I say, "Tim isn't that a sweet car!  I always admire that OLD diesel wagon"
Tim, without answering, looks the car up on ebay.  "Well, they are rare.  27 years old.  There is a nice one in palm beach.  Wonder what he would take?"
I just smile, this sort of conversation happens every day.
We are almost to the house when Tim says, "he accepted our offer.  He's removed it from ebay.  It's ours."

I'm in shock.  excited. panicked.  what if it is a piece of %&$*# junk?  What if our nice, safe honda accord with 41,000 miles doesn't sell?  We are about to find out and it's kinda fun!

Stop by sometime and take a ride :)
The Shaw's
p.s. if you need a nice 2009 honda, you know who has one!!