Sunday, January 13, 2013


Dear Winnieyay,
I could tell you "our story" in my sleep...
The way I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I saw you that first time.  That little red poppy dress with the homemade headband you were wearing.  How you wouldn't wait to come out, and they couldn't hold you back any longer.  The way you felt in my arms, FINALLY mine!  How bad it hurt when we had to leave you that first night.  Your little chubby body in the bath bucket, pouring water into bottles for what seemed like hours.  The way your dad and I stared at you when you slept.

What you might not know is that I listen to love songs, and they remind me of you...
When I'm having a bad day, I tell a new patient about you, and I smile.  I crave bed time stories because I love to hear you read.  The days when you are sad, I feel torn up too.  When your brother isn't listening and you tell him he better listen to mom, I feel like someone's got my back.  Watching you learn to love God and others gives me hope about our future on this planet.  I'd rather be busy and worn out for the rest of my life, than not have you in it.  Your laugh brings me right back to that first day, when I fell in love.

I love you Woineshet Joy Shaw.  God knew what I needed when he gave me you. 


Happy three year anniversary,

Love Mommyay



Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm a big boy now and other pictures from recent adventures

Every big boy must learn to give up naps and start down the long road to higher education...
Today was that day.

 Today was Mesay's first day at Overbrook Preschool, little did we know that promising him playtime on the playground wasn't really going to happen 'til March due to weather.  We had such a great experience with Winnie that we were excited for Mesay to start.  Every person we met today asked us about Winnie.  They all wanted her to come back to visit.  One teacher even bought an Ethiopian story and asked Winnie to come back and read it for her class!
 The first day at preschool seemed really great for Mesay compared to the little girl who pooped her pants and didn't have a pull-up packed, the boy who snatched Mesays toys and got reprimanded, or the girl who put sticky goo in her hair at the play table.  He's got a ways to go with sharing, but he did great!  At one point, he looked at me and said, "Mom, goodbye, leave now."  I spent a peaceful half hour by myself.
 He felt really confident today, he wore his firefighter shirt and his favorite camo undies! 


 Yesterday, at Gigi's house, he made a less than wise decision to drink his cousin's breast milk bottle.
 Justin Bieber fan with her new hipster gloves and twisted hair.
 First sled experience went very well.
 You can still look great sledding.

Buzz lightyear building a fort at Gigi's house
Gigi's first day babysitting the motley crew