Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve

There was much anticipation at the Shaw house.  Winnie would tell Mesay what to expect and Mesay would run around, feeling excited but not sure about the details.

On one occasion, we stood in line for a picture with Santa.  He knew that Santa was "good" but didn't really understand anything else.  As we made our way to Santa, Mesay started doing the potty dance, and I pulled him aside to go to the bathroom.  He said he didn't have to go.  The potty dance stopped and I thought no more of it.  He had a good meeting with Santa and smiled real big for the camera.  At the end of the night, I peeled the new truck out of his hands and then peeled his soggy ??? pants off.  I questioned Mesay as to why his pants were wet.  He said, "I no go potty before I see Santa, I so happy I go potty on Santa."  There you have it folks.  My favorite new Christmas memory.

With all the hustle and bustle of the season, Christmas Eve was an amazing time to return to Jesus and the blessing that is Christmas. 

Last night, as we drove down North Broadway, Mesay and Winnie pointed to houses and said, "bad house.  bad house.  good house.  woooow, good house.  bad house."  They have a rating system for decorations.  Basically, you are a "bad house" if you don't have any lights up!!  Don't worry, they say "bad house" every time we pull up in the driveway.

I hope you  had a joyous time celebrating.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

sleepovers and such.

If you haven't met Mesay yet, you are missing one highly expressive, high pitched, energetic boy.  He learns English by a unique "copycat" technique.  He repeats each thing you say verbatim, but in a much higher squeal and with a question mark at the end.  He still tests limits frequently but with an increased vocabulary, he understands the consequences a little better.  You can hear him say things like, "If I throw this book no movie? No movie? NO MOVIE?"  Each time he says, "no movie?" it increases an octave.  "If mommy says 'yes' then yes.  If mommy says 'no' then no.  If mommy says 'no' and Mesay does yes, time out?  Time out?  TIME OUT?" 

He likes to have someone around him at all times.  Initially, he says, "help you mommy" (which really means help me mommy).  Then, if you say something to the effects of, "mommy is busy, please try to do it yourself," he becomes incapable of the simple task, laughing and putting the jacket on backwards or the shoes on the wrong feet for fun.  Finally, if you get a little gruff, and insist he do something by himself, he looks up at you with a sly little smile and says, "I so scared, I don't do it, I so scared."  You can't help by smile at this point.  Same with eating, if it's something really tasty he will do it himself.  Otherwise, he much prefers being fed.

Mesay likes to hear the story of how we came to Ethiopia to see him.  He loves to hear me tell him that I cried when I had to go home and leave him in Ethiopia.  He confesses that he cried too.  He even makes the fake retching noise when he talks about vomiting on the plane ride home.  Winnie always adds the fact that she got to meet Mesay first.

Woineshet loves to listen to books on cd.  She has the most magnificent "twists" in her hair, they only took 5.25 hours at the beauty school down the street!  She still prefers being fancy to plain old jeans and a t-shirt.  The bell choir will perform next Monday, and she will most certainly be beaming with pride and wearing her best Christmas dress and heels as she rings those bells!  She's got a new friend, Kalkidan, who has recently moved here from Ethiopia.  They've got Beiber Fever, play games, and giggle alot.  Winnie likes to help Kalkidan with her English and practice her Amharic.

Tonight, like every night, Winnie and Mesay begged me to sleep together.  Fifty percent of the time they share a room, snuggled up together in a twin bed.  My dad commented at dinner how nice it was that they got along (not all the time dad!).  As they got tucked in tonight, I asked them to look into each others eyes and say something they liked about each other.  Winnie said, "Mesay, I love you.  You are cute and so so funny."  Mesay said, "I love you Winnie.  I don't know what to say.  You nice to let Mesay sleep with Winnie."   

 Secret hideout under the table.  Tim and I are constantly pretending to be surprised when we find them under there!

 Mesay is fascinated with flashlights!
 Check out that outfit Winnie!
Family is a prize; something to fight for and hold dear.  Tim and I pray that as they grow, they will confide in and support each other.  They will share their unique heritage, part Ethiopian, part Crazy Shaw.  They can laugh about the silly moments and possibly comfort each other as they deal with some of the more painful pieces of their past.  God is so good to bring us together and knit us into a family.