Friday, November 30, 2012

Bath Bombs for B!!

So, after several science experiments with citric acid and baking soda... I have made some amazing Lavender bath bombs.  These pretty little treats would make great gifts but also have the added pleasure of bringing a sweet little lady home from the Congo to a set of loving parents!

I am selling these Bath Bombs at a little craft show tomorrow, but would love to make you one.  Each jar of bath bombs have been lovingly crafted in my kitchen with home grown lavender and lots of love.  All proceeds go to bring little "B" home.

Let me know if you want a jar or two!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Give Thanks For Where You Are

Winnie came home from school yesterday with a Thanksgiving assignment.  The project asked for a collage and written paragraph about where your ancestors originated.  Not due until November 30th, I didn't think much of it, but let her start a "rough draft" on her own.  She proudly showed me the paragraph above, done all by herself.

I am caught off guard, to say the least.  That a child could so effectively describe the difference between here and there in 5 minutes, is amazing.  She is very aware that she is growing up in a place of plenty, but born in a world of need.  I smirk for a second, thinking what a crazy, awesome girl I have.  Then I choke up a bit, this is the reality of our world!

I will spend the next few days truly assessing what I have been given and considering ways to give back. 

Monday, November 19, 2012



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Friends from around the world

 Don't these two look like they have TROUBLE written on their faces! 

On our last day at Mesay's group home in Ethiopia, I asked if he had a best friend.  The immediate answer was Shanbu.  Well, Shanbu had a family because he was gone that day for a visa appointment and Mesay did not get to say his goodbyes.  He did give him his backpack full of his earthly possessions up until that point.

When we got home, I sent out a feeler post on our adoption group...Who was the family taking Shanbu?  We found out that Shanbu would be moving 45 minutes away!  God is good, but this felt like a really special "bonus" blessing.  We have talked back and forth via email and facebook with his family.  So, now, after several months, Shanbu is home.  We have been following his journey home through facebook, Mesay always has comments like "Shanbu loves milk or I going to Kiss Shanbu when I see him."

Today was the day that Shanbu and Mesay got to play.  They were reunited at Shanbu's house.  For several days now, Mesay has been repeating over and over when he goes to Shanbu's and what he will do when he sees his old friend.  Well, it was fun to watch today.  He snuck Shanbu a kiss and then went right to playing nurf guns :)

These two handsome men had so much fun.  Mesay wanted us to go back inside as soon as we got to the car!  He prayed for Shanbu tonight.  He broke a bone, so Mesay is worried about the pain.

I hope that they will remain friends, the kind that are life long pals.  What a story - the journey of friendship from around the world!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Several things happened yesterday that were really sweet.

First, my dear husband had a birthday.  He started off the day in the dumps, due to a late night of cringing and clawing at the chair as the polls came in.  Gradually, things got better.  We had a nice brunch with family.  He had a nice strong cup o' joe.  Ezra the Great came over to stay with Mesay while we went to the shooting range.  Winnie got extremely excited about a bird house she painted for Tim, which made opening presents lots of fun(of course she blurted out what each present was right before the wrapping came off!)  For the first time in two months, we hosted Bible study at our house.  It was really good to see friends and introduce Mesay.  I cursed Sandra Bullock's sister for the peanut butter torte birthday cake I made Tim, which looked beautiful but crumbled sadly when cut, but he likes all things peanut no biggie. A happy birthday.

Second, I had a moment with Mesay.  He was annoying me after about an hour into trying to feed him.  As soon as I turned my back to do something, he would get out of his seat and abandon my efforts to make him eat.  This time he came racing into the kitchen laughing at me as I was attempting to load dishes in between coaxing him into a bite of food.  I had had it!  You know the feeling, this is about to get ugly.  He didn't have a good excuse.  Just laughing that little Mesay laugh of his, and making faces.  Winnie and dad were out.  Mesay had missed his opportunity to go with them because he wouldn't eat, and I had sorely wished he had gone.  I mean, I had STUFF to do!  I ran to him, with a scowl on my face.  I bet I looked pretty darn scary because he started running from me and screaming.  When I caught up with him a miracle happened.  I snatched him up, kissed him really big and said, "Do you know how much I love you?  I am happy to be your mom.  You are a good boy.  I am so glad you came to live here with mommy, daddy and Woineshet."  I held him for a while and it felt a lot better than yelling at him.  He cocked his head to the side, made that little questioning noise, looked at me with disbelief, and smiled.  He never did eat all of the food.  I felt better though.