Monday, October 29, 2012


It has been two months as a family of four...

Four makes a lot more noise than three.

Four does not fit in the family truck.

Four is more fun in the leaves.

Four causes tears sometimes.

Four consumes a LOT of peanut butter.

Four is a lot of opinions and dislikes.

Four makes prayer time sweet.

Four keeps you on your toes.

Four is twice as much laundry.

Four is two plus two or three plus one or four minus zero on the best days.

We are most happy to report that we are settling in as a family of four.  As I write this, Winnie and Mesay have been playing "family" in the tent for several hours, ALONE, without adult input or council.  Mesay ate his stuffed pepper tonight in under half an hour, which is a drastic reduction from the hour long encounters of a few weeks ago.  Pottery barn drinking glasses are being replaced with mason jars at an alarming rate.  CRASH!! There goes another one.  We have spent less time traveling to the land of "think it overs" and more time enjoying the haven of "good choices."  His language is coming along great!  He has come leaps and bounds in the last few weeks with his English, and we have transitioned out of speaking Amharic for much of the day.  He goes to sleep more evenings than not in about an hour.  Oh wait!! He just came to me with my glasses on, he's laughing at the caramel finger prints he just put on the lenses.  He has put a new meaning to the phrase, "don't sweat the small stuff."  Mesay gives the sweetest kisses, and hugs really tight. 

Winnie has always been a great sis.  She brushes his teeth, reads him stories, and is learning to share in a way that she hasn't had to in almost three years. That's right, she's been here almost three years!  She's doing great in school and LOVES girls Bible study on Wednesday nights. She is a whiz at memorizing things, and says her favorite subject is math.  She dressed her brother up in ballet clothes and the ballet teacher let him participate in class right along with the other big girls.  Good thing dad wasn't home!  Winnie doesn't like to hug or kiss much, but she will give them out freely when her brother tries to wipe them off!

Four is good for me.  I have been given more patience and grace.  I have learned to rely on friends in an uncomfortable, but good way.  I have gained hilarious stories that most people can't imagine.  I have loved more fiercely. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bye mom, Bye dad, HELLO GIGI

Aren't grandparents the best?  They typically sugar them up, wind them up, and then give them back... 
Mesay had a week a while back where he asked for his Grandma Shaw a hundred times a day.  Papi takes them to the senior center pool for family night most Sundays.  Grandpa Shaw and Nana let them ride on the farm equipment and boss the dogs around.  Gigi, well, she is known to feed snacks nightly and watch movies in bed.

 So, today was the beginning of a new era...
You sugar them up, You wind them up, You put them down for their nap!! 
That's right, today daddy got up really early and went to work. Mommy got up really early, and went to work.  Winnie got up really early and went to school.  Mesay got up really early, packed up his Buzz Lightyear suit, and WENT TO GIGI'S HOUSE FOR THE WHOLE DAY!  God bless her, she even made dinner for me when I came in the door.  

I am so grateful for all of the grandparents in our lives! 

Today, a special shout out goes to my mom.  Yes, she caught him unbuckled from his car seat while driving on Henderson road.  She carried him under High street, via the tunnel, to pick up Winnie when he got "noodle legs" and refused to walk.  She brushed his back with the hairbrush to help the little sensory seeker fall asleep.  She packed a picnic and ate on a soggy picnic bench after the rain.  She ignored his NO's and praised his YES's all day long.

 Coffee ceremony in Ethiopia
 Check out that baby face!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Few Memories from the last month

 For several days, Mesay carried around a dog wrapped to his back with an ace bandage.  No, we don't normally let him wander outside with an undershirt and briefs, but it happens more than I care to confess.
 Happy 6th anniversary mom and dad!!  Mesay got a paw full of icing before anyone else :)
 Mesay's first icecream cone in papi's red truck.
 Winnie and Ezra up to tricky climbing moves.
 Two kids swinging sticks always ends in tears.  We are still unsure if the camping trip we took two weeks ago was a good idea, but we sure did make memories.
 Mesay couldn't believe how much cows pooped on the Davis' farm.
 Grandpa Shaw showing Mesay the ropes on some farm equipment.
 Winnie is always in style!
 Mesay's first rappel, thanks for teaching him Winnie and Ezra!

 Our maple tree was the main attraction this week, offering many leaves to jump in!
My two hams! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Daddy returned to work today, and boy did we miss him.
It started out good, all three of us showering and assembling ourselves, eating, polishing teeth, etc.  Somehow Winnie ended up tardy. Boo.  first strike. Then, Mesay and I played with another little boy at an indoor park, which was great until we had to leave... producing a full tilt melt down.  I had to pull over the car several times to re-fasten the seat belt and warn my son who was arching his back and screaming NO.  Strike two.  Next, I made lunch, tried to put our little guy down for a nap, and make a few phone calls.  While on the phone call with a potential preschool, Mesay walked downstairs, yelling that he wanted to ride his bike.  I looked up and realized I was 20 minutes late picking up Winnie...strike three.  She's amazing, just casually waiting in the office with one of her awesome teachers.  Back at home, after a snack, we headed outside to rake leaves and play with a friend who stopped by, a good time had by all.  The laundry not done, the house a mess, a little guy in repeated time-outs, I decided not to cook.  We went to the local "BIG BOY" restaurant, good end to a stressful day, right?  We settled in to our booth, ordered a burger, even let the kids have a little coke with a twisty straw.  The burgers arrive, I grab mine to take a bite, and my son looks up at me and cried, "kaka" right before pooping all over the booth, his pants, and me.  YOUR OUT!

Tim, I miss you.