Friday, July 20, 2012

To Mesay With Love,

Dear Mesay,
I miss the way you walk around like you own the place!  You have a strong, assured presence that I know will serve you well.  I miss the way you feel, so small in my arms.  I bet you will be much bigger by the time we see you again.  I miss the way you say, "Woineshet, mama, papa"...sometimes you called me "papa" and your father "mama."  Learning a new language can be soo confusing!!  I miss the little cheek kisses before we said good bye. 

The few days together only gave me a glimpse of you.  I can not wait until I can pick you up and carry you right out the door.  I will snuggle with you when your sleepy, which is my favorite time to steal hugs.  I will brush your teeth for you in the back, to make sure they are clean :)  I will dance with you, and you will probably laugh at me, just like your sis.  We will sing some Bob Dylan and a lot of Wiggles. 

Until then, I know you will continue to be brave, just like we talked about.  I pray for you every day.  Me and your dad are fixin' up that room, as we promised.  Winnie has changed her mind about staying with Gigi, she REALLY wants to go back to Ethiopia with us to get you.  All your friends and family here want to meet you.  We show them all pictures of you.  They "oooh" and "ahhh" at your smile!! 

I love you son,

Monday, July 9, 2012

He's a Shaw

Mesay became a Shaw today!  Our second court date came and went, and we were not sure how long it would be until this day came.  To our relief, we didn't have to wait long!
Mesay Shaw is a handsome, slight little guy.  He is full of life and very quick.  His friends follow him around and shout his name... but can't keep up with him.  On one of our days with him, he had a slinky around his neck, a soccer ball in one arm, and an ambulance in the other.  When he throws you a smile, it takes several seconds to recover!  Really, the smile is amazing.  While you are recovering, he has gotten into your backpack and found something really valuable to claim as his own.  He can count to 11, then skips to 16,17,18,19,10-teen.  That little voice singing a mixed up A-B-C song is one of the cutest things ever!  When we had to say good bye on the last day, he got very long in the face.  The smile was gone.  I can only guess what was going on in that smart little mind.  He kissed each one of us on the cheeks, put on his backpack with the new little gifts in it, and marched back to the big kids home down the street.  I kept thinking what a brave boy he was.  That brave boy is ours today, for good.  No longer an orphan.  He has a family.  We are rejoicing that God brought us together and made us a family of 4 today.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!
The Shaw's

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We made it home. We don't have any power right now, But it's good to be home! Winnie and I were out walking the neighborhood and jump roping this morning at 6 AM. It might take a few days for us to get back on the right time schedule. We Will post some pictures soon... Love, the shaw's

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Ethiopian family

On Friday morning, we left bright and early for Hawassa, SIDAMA. Our new friend Damme made the trip with us and arranged the transportation. She is a member of our church, vineyard columbus,and now we are sisters (she used that as a bargaining tactic, but now we are truly family). We traveled for about five hours, passing hundreds of mud and thatch huts, camels, donkeys, and foot travelers. On arrival, we took a small boat on lake Hawassa and found ourselves too close to a mama hippo and her calf. I caught Winnie motioning to the captain to turn us around, truth be told, I was relieved. They were huge!! We walked along the lake, enjoying the amazing birds called marabou, kinda like storks but bigger. We stayed in a guest house that cost roughly $12. Tim had been sick for a few days, and was able to eat his first meal in a few days. Winnie was in heaven, as she has been for most of the trip, eating injera and tibs and riding around without a carseat. On Saturday, we ate breakfast with the man who was going to take us to Winnie's village in Gorche. This was big, no one in addis had even heard of this tiny place. There were so many "God moments," it's hard to articulate. The several hours of off road experience that led us to the hut where our daughter was born. The moment when 150 villagers swarmed us. The first look at Winnie's sisters. The desperation of those who have nothing. The joy and sorrow of seeing Winnie and her sister's together, wondering what they were thinking. Asking Winnie to take off her skirt and give it to her sister who had a tattered cloth partially covering her bare bottom. Sitting in the hut, on the cow hide, feeling the cool dark mud floor where they sleep. Hearing her uncle tell their story. Knowing that I have more than I need, and wondering how I can remedy this when I return... I don't want to remain the same after this. We will post pics when we get home, can not wait to share. Tomorrow we say goodbye to our son. Bought him a new pair of shoes tonight, as he has blisters from shoving his feet into too small shoes. Winnie can not stop imagining all the things they will do together, we've all been preparing her for the transition but she's just blissful at this point. Our new court date is in two days, hopefully we can share his pic with you at that point. Love, The Shaw's