Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Thousand Little Things...

Have you ever had the feeling you are on the verge of something big happening?  I've been feeling that way for the last few weeks.  Not one thing in particular, more like thousands.

Tim's starting a new business, Austere Training Group.  It's exciting to see something that he is passionate about come to fruition, but with that comes much work and energy.  He's got a spring in his step...
Secondly, For about a month now, we have been praying and contemplating an adoption in the Congo.  We have tentatively started down the long paper chasing journey for a third time.  The more I read about the Congo, the more my heart is drawn towards these people who have lived amidst war and desperation for a very long time.  We aren't sure how it will change our Ethiopian adoption.  We may do a concurrent adoption or change to Congo altogether.  I know God's got something more instore for our family, so I am waiting on the edge of my seat to see what it is.

Next, we have a huge adoption Conference coming up at church.  MORE4ORPHANS is something that I have been anticipating for a while now, and it's almost here.  I am leading an adoption panel, YIKES!! (makes me a little nervous).  Carolyn Tweitmeyer from Project Hopeful is a main speaker, and I am just so excited. 

Another thing, I have had the opportunity to talk to lots of families that are starting the adoption process.  It just brings me such joy to know that there are more families not only considering it, but actually starting down the road to bring their children home!  I'm talking 5 or 6 families in the last 2 months!! 

Oh yeah... Winnie is doing great in the first grade... she has been pushed and has definitely felt the difference between Kindergarten and First grade.  There are good days and bad, but she is really adjusting to first grade well.  She asks about her brother or sister every single day.  We all feel ready to bring another child into our family, but she is just itchin' for it.  She is taking climbing lessons at our local indoor climbing wall.  If you know anything about climbing, she is doing tracking routes and is pretty fun to watch.

We are fasting from Sugar and gluten for the Lenten season.  Ash Wednesday service was a great time to reflect and bring our family back to the basics of centering Christ in our life.  It has been officially one week off gluten and sugar... I haven't salivated over jello jiggler commercials for a very long time!  I don't miss the bread as much as the sugar.  Tim brought me some awesome Indian cuisine for lunch yesterday, and we indulged in lamb and paneer big time!

So, that's it for now.  I'm working on brother or sister's room for a few hours today... I'm thinking chalk board paint framed with crown molding???

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday started like any other day.  Winnie woke up extremely early, and I was hoping to con her into going back to sleep.  As always, I failed.  In a play for more time, I told her she had to stay in her room for half an hour and then she could come wake me up.


At 7:45am, I awoke to    singing and the lights turning on.  "Happy Birthday Mom!" she said, as she turned on the lights and marched in.  She had an old lunchbox in her hand with ribbons tied around it.  Apparently we were going to celebrate my birthday today (actual date March 29th).  She said she had been working on some birthday surprises for me, and I was to open the lunch box. 

The lunch box contained several of the most thoughtful things!  The first, and my favorite, was a bunch of green crayons.  She had gone through her entire collection of crayons and picked out all the green ones for me because green is my favorite color.  Next, she had made me a necklace.  It has those beads with letters on them, it spells"I heart u, **ABIGAIL***TIM***WHNNIE***" It is long and very fancy.  Next I got three pencils and a pad of paper.  Lastly, I received a pencil sharpener.

She said she wanted to make breakfast for me, so we made pancakes.  She gave me plenty of kisses.  Then we cuddled up on the couch and made a comfy bed.  She said, "I bet your favorite movie is 'Rio' and I bet you want to watch it."
It was a wonderful day.  She mentioned that when it was her birthday, she would like the same surprises as today :)