Friday, September 2, 2011


Ok, so the second time around sure does take longer :)  We neglected to catch an expired notary, and neglected to get something notarized all together...
Last week we spent a good 20 hours running downtown between the clerk of courts and the Secretary of State's office.  It's all well worth the effort, even the parking ticket.  Winnie made several comments about all the driving around, "Did you have to do ALL this stuff for me too?"  That just made us smile.  Her fancy outfits with dress shoes really "wowed" customers and staff at the places we had to go.  She received many compliments on her hair, clothes, and manners!

Our official request is for a boy or girl 0-3 years old.  We are so excited to welcome our second child into the family. 

Many people have asked why the process has slowed down so much.  (We are looking at another year wait or longer for our child).  The Ethiopian government has officially cut down the amount of paperwork it is processing by 90%.  They were processing up to 50 papers per day and now they are saying that they will process 5 per day.  There are some agencies that have closed down all together.  Each child must have "official" paperwork in order.  Imagine some of these remote villages without access to the basics coming up with official paperwork!  The need is great, but most of these orphans will not be eligible for adoption.  My heart aches for these children.  I am reminded that God sees these little ones, and He cares. 
Click HERE to read about the work that a couple we know are doing in Ethiopia.  I was brought to tears as I read the story of Birtukan.  Scroll through the stories on the home page and see what kinds of things ordinary people like you and I can do!!  It is amazing.