Monday, August 29, 2011

1st Day of K!

Today was the day!!  Good news, Winnie is learning to read really well.  Bad news, she read that her teacher's name was "Cathy," and now she is having a really hard time calling her "Mrs. Miller." 

She has had this outfit picked out for months and knew she wanted pigtails.  Her socks are frilly yellow bees, She is the girliest, fanciest of girls!!

She went down the firepole at school and cut her finger.  So the first day was a nurses office day.  She admits that she cried, "I want my mommy" to the nurse... which secretly made me feel good and well attached.

Her teachers are visiting every child's home.  We were first in line, so they came and hung out with us tonight.  It has been a full, happy day.

Here's some photo's...

Felicia lives down the street and attended pre-k with Winnie.  They are in the same K class!  Yippee.

The happy cheauffeur and breakfast chef

Walking in.  So grown up

Dotly's home

Saturday, August 27, 2011

found this in my door...

Tonight, Winnie was with her Gigi while I went to a fundraiser dinner.  She got very frustrated with her hair before she left, and told me she wished she had a mother that didn't comb her hair so much.  ouch.  I acknowledged the fact that she was angry and perhaps a bit tired, but it wasn't ok to say hurtful things that she didn't mean.  When we parted, she had forgotten the whole thing and was blowing me kisses from the car.  Tonight, hours later, I came home to find this note wedged in my door.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1 1/2 years as a family = fair photos

I love how life comes together in little circles.  I started life as a "fair-goer," my grandma got me going on giant ice tea and steak-on-a-stick before I could walk.  Some of my best memories of summer were conquering the yellow slide and kicking back and watching folks from the Sky-ride (two Ohio State Fair staple attractions)... not to mention the giant butter cow!  Back in the 80's there were also camel rides, and my Nina insisted upon Molly and I riding every time.  Great fun!

The fair doesn't seem quite as glamorous to me these days... BUT IT DOES TO WINNIE!!  I love taking her to eat the food, walk the asphalt, and have Smokey the bear call out "Hi, to my friend Winnie."  Sure, your feet hurt at the end of the night and you're broke, but that never stopped my grandma from 30 years of fair going fun.

Rachel Baransi is amazing.  We met her last year on vacation, and she claims Winnie is one of her best friends.  The feeling is mutual.  Her photography captures individual stories.  I have been a facebook stalker of RachelJoyPhotography for quite some time, and I was so happy when she came to the fair to take our photos.

Thanks Rachel!  Here's a preview, if you want more, go to RachelJoyPhotography and "like" her on facebook.