Monday, April 11, 2011

Beans and Sand

I was just pulling out the ol' suitcases for our next big adventure...Disney! I hate that feeling of throwing things in at the last minute, always forgetting your toothbrush or the shoes that"make" the outfit. So, this past Saturday, Winnie and I tackled the job of trying on old sundresses and clearance items I bought last year anticipating a growth spurt. We had some laughs, putting pants on our heads, etc. Many of the cute things that filled her closet are now being set aside for "sister or brother" (with the clarification that brother WILL NOT want them!) We had it narrowed down to the favorite outfits for meeting the princesses.

We haven't flown on a plane together as a family since the worlds LONGEST 36 hours from Ethiopia to home...15 months ago. I hulled the BIG suitcase up two flights of stairs and unzipped it. There, like a mini time capsule, was Egyptian sand and Ethiopian coffee beans scattered at the base around the liner. Ethiopian Airlines stickers were still glued to the front pocket. It looked as if it had been badly beaten on the way home from Ethiopia, just like we felt when our wobbly legs carried us off that final plane 15 months before. A rush of happy memories filled me immediately after I opened the suitcase. The first night when she stayed with us in our hotel room. She unpacked every item from that bag, cooing and giggling with wide eyes. Headbands, little toy camels from Egypt, underwear, socks, books, they were all met with delight and awe. She folded everything up very neatly and put it back in that case when we were done. The coffee beans reminded me of the first time she went bonkers, at the coffee factory in Addis. That might have been the first time we fully realized we had a strong willed child. The sand reminds me of our dear friends in Egypt, whom we love. The amazement of seeing the pyramids and realizing that there were carry-outs and urban development across the street from these ancient structures. (I really thought they were in the middle of the desert before this!)

 I'm glad that in all the excitement of having a new child in the house, I didn't clean the beans and sand out sooner. It's a good reminder about how quickly time goes by. I'm going to savor every second of our upcoming adventure! Abigail

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Timoth and Abby

"Once there was a little girl who saw a cat she wanted really bad. She asked her mother for $10 to buy this little cat named Abby. Abby was really great and the little girl liked to walk her on a leash in the park. One day a boy cat named Timoth started to play with her. Timoth really liked her and wanted to play with her all the time..."

This is the story I heard from the back seat tonight. We tell each other stories daily, but this one was kinda cute.

Speaking of Timoth and Abby, we had a really great 30 hours for my birthday!! We had an adventure, good food, and really great conversation. We started by eating some sugar free pancakes that were actually quite tasty and in the shape of hearts!! Next, dropped Winnie off at preschool and headed to Upper Sandusky (1.5 hour drive) for our LAST SOCIAL WORK MEETING!!! On the drive, Tim drank a dirty chai (shot of espresso in large chai) which apparently kicked in right as we arrived for our meeting. If you know him, imagine his CHATTY self on speed, and that's what our social worker got to see :) Next, we spent the afternoon doing some target practice at Black Wing. Then, home to get spruced up for a night out at Latitude 41 and Black Creek Bistro (both fresh, locally sourced menus) and a visit with Molly and Chad in between. I got a climbing harness from Tim and a set of crazy colorful wire earrings that Winnie picked out herself at the fair trade store by our house. I should also mention that Winnie did get picked up from preschool by my wonderful mama and spent a fun filled night with her. Tim and I slept in until AFTER 9, went to another amazing new food find (Skillet. Rustic. Finally, picked Winnie up from school at 12:30. I managed to make it the whole birthday "season"(because us Peterson's celebrate birthdays for much longer than one day) without any sugar!! (I love you Jesus, and your sacrifice was much greater :) I really had an amazing birthday.

"Timoth and Abby the cat got married and had 10 kittens in the park."