Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 months of being thankful...

You know where this post is going already...
It's THANKSGIVING and time for reflecting on what God has done for us and blessed us with. Our hearts swell and praises go up to our awesome God for what he has done for our family. He held us together during difficult times (and still does), united us with our daughter, provided a way for her to come home, and bonded us together with some sort of holy crazy-glue!! As if that isn't enough, He gave us faithful, compassionate friends and family, a warm home, and many extras!!! We are thankful for the freedom in our country to gather together and pray, to vote, to share our opinions openly, and to persue education.
As for Winnie, she is usually the most thankful for food. She's grown 7-8 inches in 10 months, had 2 birthdays, is friends with 5 dogs, asked for and listened to the story of "us getting her" 1,000,000 times, attended 3 friend's birthday parties, forgotten nearly ALL of her Amharic, learned nearly every word in the English language (including spelling z-0-0, 'cause when I spelled that to her dad the other day she said, "the zoo, the zoo, we're going to the zoo."), and is confident that she WILL be getting married to Cameron very soon!!
May your time of reflection and thanksgiving be sweet!!!
The Shaw's

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November update!!

Enclosed is the photo we received of Winnie last November. Doesn't she look like she's just waiting around for mom and dad to show up?
Tonight I was half heartedly starting to organize the office that has become a hoarder's heaven. I wasn't too happy... UNTIL I ran into Winnie's November update page from last year. I started laughing about how they were real polite with Winnie's now apparent characteristics...
first read the report given, then read my translation:
1. She eats well. = she will eat you out of house and home.
2. She talks a lot and sings abc's and repeats numbers in English after the nannies = she never stops talking and she likes to mimic people
3. She observes and remembers events (like what other kids said) and tells it to the nannies = she's a real tattle tail
4. She likes little babies = she can not get enough of little babies!!!
5. SHe is very funny! She likes to imitate what she saw other people do (she took the measuring tape from my hand and started measuring the height and head circumference of the other kids just like she saw me do). = she is a strong willed, take charge kinda girl... but she does it in a really sly way that makes you laugh so hard you don't realize that she's become the boss!!!
Ok, in all seriousness, tonight before I found this update, I was laying in bed with her. She had just fallen asleep, and I was examining the wrinkles in her little neck and sniffing her face (not sure why.) I was praying that God would please bless this little gift and show me how to parent her. The worries I had last year about our adjustment and bonding seem a million miles away. It's always a good reminder to read updates and things from the past. There is a certain perspective that I never want to forget, one from the other side of the fence where I clung to the words... "she told the nannies that she has shoes her family sent her." This time last year this picture and these words were all I had of Woineshet.
My how a year can change things!!
p.s. the next week we saw someone Else's child with Winnie's shoes on.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Dear TIm,
My present this year is the addition of 2 years to your age!! I found it fabulous that you thought you were turning 34 this year, and I decided to give you the gift of 2 years instead of just one!!


When Tim asked WInnie how old she thought he was, I don't think he was entirely prepared for her response...