Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Mom, did I do an awesome job?"

Nina sat and read Winnie a story tonight. "praise Jesus, we can all be in the same room at the same time"

my favorite photo

favorite trick or treat candy, the first one to be eaten.

papa with scary eyes and a stollen wig...he's in Vegas now!!

proud mama

"trick or treat, if you say 'pick one' I will pick several and look at you with a sweet smile"

That is what she asked tonight as we said goodbye to Molly, Chad, and Tuscon. I must say that "awesome" is definitely the word I would use to describe Winnie with Tuscon the chow. Last night she walked him on the leash...first time with no tears. Tonight she hugged him around the neck several times and sat with him SANS FEAR!!! (in our house)

The only thing she put her foot down about was letting him upstairs, which was fine by me.

Molly said to Winnie, " I really need to know what made you change your mind about Tuscon?" Winnie said, "Dad showed me how, and God helps me be brave with all the dogs." We talked and decided that if Winnie feels like crying with a dog, we should first walk away and pray about it. :)

It was not Winnie that got in trouble this evening, but my grandma. She snuck Tuscon some chocolate cake after being reminded not too. Hope your ok Tucson!!!
Shout out to Grace Ava Lora and Brian for a much needed date night!! Winnie had a slumber party with her cousins, and as usual had a ball. Tim and I caught up, had sushi, caught up, had North star breakfast :) good to catch up!!!
-mom to an awesome brave kid.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday, Baxter, and the Bone Scan

Wow, we've had a couple busy, great weeks. Sorry the blogs a little behind the times!! Here's the latest and some photos....
Winnie turned 5 a few weeks ago and we had some friends over to celebrate. It was a dress-up tea party (although I made tea, lemonade was the unanimous vote!), and Miss Win wore her Tiana dress, white elbow gloves, pink wig, crown and high heels. Wooooaaa, a site to behold!! All the girls looked fabulous, decorated their own cupcakes, painted nails, and then my planned activities dwindled to nothing in 50 minutes or less... we played a lot of red light green light and simon says :)

On a related note, Winnie got a wrist x-ray to verify her birthdate. She is officially 5 medically, developementally, and imaginitively (we can't play pretend enough to suit her little imagination). It's nice to have all that 4-5ish stuff over with, and now she tells people she will be 6 next week!!

LAST, but really my most amazing news is that we had a dog sleep over this weekend!!! For those of you who follow, you know that Winnie had a dog-aphobia BIG time. We are talking screaming, clawing her way to sit on your head away from the dog-phobia. So, with pride I tell you...WE HAD A DOG SPEND THE WEEKEND AT OUR HOUSE!!! The saint dog's name is BAXTER and we love him. He is a playful 2 year old cockapoo. About 20 lbs. full of energy but knows when to sit. We took him hiking on sunday, and the two sat in the back hugging the whole way. We took him to the pet spaw and gave him a bath before taking him back to his father's posh downtown loft (muddiest, leafiest, burr-iest mess, sorry Billy for not returning him in the same condition he was left).
Next week we will take on Tuscon, Aunt Molly and Uncle Chad's sweet chow. Then on to Nana and grandpa's Australian shepards and Border collie.
Aunt Kimmy painting the nails

She ate her cupcake before we could stick a candle in it and sing!!

Cheers to Winnie's 5th birthday!!

Winnie and Reese

baking cup-cakes for the big party. She was so excited she could hardly hold still long enough for this picture!!

AHHH!!! BAXTER!!! WE LOVE YOU!! Winnie literally let him lick her tongue... I know, gross, but after telling her that wasn't ok, I just had to laugh at the new dog-brave Winnie!!

Baby-love. Winnie holding Kylie at the zoo last week.

Friday, October 8, 2010

This morning...

We were having a quick breakfast before we left for school and work. Winnie looked up at me and said, "Oh my gosh mom!!! I just saw Jesus in your eye." I said, "What did He look like?" She said, "REALLY BIG."

hmmmm. Gotta said it was a good reminder today.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another birthday?

So, how many little kids say, "I just turned 4 and I'm almost 5" and actually are right? We've got a bit of confusion going at our house, and it's about to clear up!!! Winnie's turning 5 next week!! She had her school birthday party yesterday, Tim and I were allowed to come join in for the festivities at the end of class.
This includes but is not limited to... Birthday girl passes out the dixie cups, birthday girl can bring in special napkins (Little mermaid was the napkin of choice), birthday girl gets to blow out candles on a playdough cake, birthday girl gets a sticker and a picture of herself, and birthday girl gets sung to.
Two birthdays in one year? The confusion started with our trip to the dentist where she was found to have all of her 6 year molars. Well, actually before that, when we had our suspicions that she was a little too advance for 3 years at the time of the adoption. Everything has seemed to add up, she is definitely a little older than 4 presently. It took some time to decide whether this was really the way to go, and it is!!! So, we celebrate another birthday this week. Our baby is 5! and then she will be 6 June 2nd, 2011.

crazy pre-k fun!!

special dixie cup duty.
The teacher gets their attention by saying, "1-2-3. Look at me"

Winnie and one of her new friends. The playdough cake has seen a lot of birthdays!!! (maybe even better days)

Shaw family pumpkin picking. It was all you can carry for $20, and we scored TEN pumpkins!! (Tim and his dad look nothing alike, right?)