Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things that make a crazy day happy...

Tonight, I'm still in my work clothes at 10pm, a little tired from getting the "Nacho mama" up 5 times last night for the potty. Daddy missed his flight. I'm still hungry from our lentils and cabbage left overs. I'm smiling though, somethings been happening lately that I like...

Winnie looks over at me every night this week and says "I WANNA SNUGGLE A LITTLE MAMA"

1st off, I don't know where you got the name for me "mama," never thought it would sound like something to call me, but I love it. I want you to sing it to me over and over again. I think I'm in heaven.

2nd, It's usually my idea to snuggle, and you are too busy with life to settle down to this idea for long. Who the heck cares if this is a "stall mechanism" at bedtime. I love it!!! Kisses too. 20 at a time.

3rd, not mentioned above, but very smile provoking... You told me that everyone thinks I am the best lunch packer!! Some kids wish I could be their mama's and pack their lunches.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daddyay Blues

first of 100 small apples designated for Winnie's lunch box
mother/daughter apple love

Winnie is a great photographer

my "apple baby"

apple guardian

I feel like Mr. Wonka shrunk us like Mike T.V.

Meskel at St. michal's

Priest blessing the bonfire

Don't kill me Kim... You were a trooper tonight with your sequin dress and a crying girl!!

Dad's been gone several days this week. He is camping with a few friends this weekend, and HE IS MISSED. We had a busy day spending the night at Gigi's house last night, coming home to change and going straight to pick up our friend Lisa to pick apples. We each ate 3 apples while picking. It was a blast. Then home to take a shower and get on our Ethiopian clothing for the celebration of Meskel (celebrating the day they found the cross). NO NAP!! We listened to a priest sing and read in Amharic, ate some great Injera and lentils, spent time with Tiru and Admasu, and watched the lighting of the bonfire. Afterwards, we met our friend Kimmy for Thai food at Basil in our Ethiopian dresses (she happened to have on sequins, we were quite the entertainment there). Next, and might I add THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMELS BACK, was heading back to her apartment to see a dog named Baxter. The next half hour was full of sobbing and screaming about the dog from a tired Winnie. On the way out, Winnie looked at me and said, "didn't I do a good job with Baxter?" I couldn't say "yes" because she had done the opposite... instead I told her she had room to do better next time, and we should pray about it.

She fell asleep in the car right before we turned in to the house. I woke her up and we walked inside. Before we got through the door... BIG FAT TEARS started coming. All she could say was "Daddy, Daddyay, daddy, dada..." It has turned into a chant over the last hour and counting. Nothing can console her (which is why I am downstairs typing this now). She sobbed drool while I brushed her teeth, cried while I sang "Jesus loves me," and what was I thinking when I mentioned "please keep daddy safe" in our evening prayer!!!!!

I couldn't help smiling through parts of it, not to be cruel... It's just a good thing that she cares so much when he's gone.


p.s. Tim, if you are reading this, I will be taking some sort of girls spa weekend soon (I've been planning it this last hour :) so get ready for "Mommy, mommyay, mama, mommy."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Can we go back now?"

Yesterday, as we were looking at vacation pictures, Winnie got a whiney voice on and said, "eeehh, can we go back now? why can't we go back now?" Usually I make her start over in a non-whiney voice, but I really just couldn't stop laughing... I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY!!!! I even feel like whining about it :) So, here are some more pictures from vacation...

Winnie giving Mark the cold shoulder on the couch... next minute they were playing dolls. Winnie staring at our friend's tipped kayak, thinking "wow, I'm glad I didn't go out on that little boat"

New friends and pretty sand castles

Yay!! Dad caught one!!

Keith, Laura, Winnie, Tim, and I had a hybrid for the week... all voted it was pretty SWEET!!


Mom and Winnie ready to paddle board it up!!

Later we took the paddle board from the sound to the beach side... uh, I decided I didn't feel like eating waves :) It stayed on the beach!!
So, we are home. Winnie started Pre-K on Monday...and of course LOVES IT!! She has a new friend named Jane too. Also, she's worn a fancy dress every day so far to school.
Tim and I were part of an adoption seminar on Monday night at the church. It was so much fun to look back at our journey and share it with others. This time last year, we had just sent our second care package to her. We were anxiously waiting for new pictures and an update. My how a year changes things!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Beach!!! OBX

Winnie's First Time in the ocean!!!! She has been very concerned the last few weeks about the more!!!
With some of her new friends playing in the sand.... It's amazing that last year at this time that we had just accepted the referral to make Winnie our daughter!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

forever friends

Last weekend we had the chance to drive to Nashville to meet up with other families who have adopted from AWAA in Ethiopia. This means Winnie got to see some of the friends that she lived with and played with daily in Ethiopia. Below are a mixture of pictures from that trip and recent pictures with some of her favorite friends.

As we drove (0ver 900 miles in 72 hours :), I thought about a dynamic of these friendships that makes them even deeper. We pray for orphans to find their "forever families" all the time. When I saw Winnie's picture I prayed that she would find a forever family, even before I knew it was us!!! What I didn't realize is that those friends who shared the same experiences are the "forever friends" that have a deep bond through their shared life. I've got my best friends who share a glass of wine and can pick up conversation whether it's been a week or a year... but this is different. This bond comes from a shared loss of family, challenging new beginnings with a forever family, and memories of a life together in Ethiopia. I am so thankful that my daughter has "Forever Friends" for now and in years to come. When she knows she is seeing these friends, she SQUEALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeremiah and Winnie
Winnie, Jack, Jeremiah, and Athen

Slumber party in our hotel room!!!! Bekelech (Bekeh) is from Texas, but we've seen her a few times since January already!!!! The girls slept next to each other in the orphanage and have such a sweet friendship.

Micah looking at Bekeh and Winnie... he was definitely out numbered!!!

Winnie and Emenet. They couldn't make it this weekend, and we missed them!!

Wow, my car can safely hold 3 growing Ethiopian beauties in a row!!!!

Bekeh, Derje(Caleb), and Winnie. Sweet reunion.

pickle anyone?

The coldest waterpark in the world.