Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last Saturday we got a small group together and did the Central Ohio AIDS Walk. This was my first year, but certainly not my last!! Along the way, there were different places where you could write things. One board said, "I walk in honor of..." and I put, "children orphaned by AIDS" and another said, "I walk to end..." and I wrote, "stigma."
Since our trip to Africa, I am more aware of the problems that the AIDS epidemic causes. I realize why a grandma ends up with her 12 grandkids and no way to make a living and support all the family members. I am heartbroken that more kids with this virus do not get any medical care, when it could literally raise them back to life. I do pray for a cure, but mostly a home, medication' and a person to really love each and every one of the orphans created by this disease.

Here's some pics of our walk.
P.S. Winnie is obsessed with baby Willa, our youngest walker/rider

One year ago I saw your picture...

and couldn't get you off my mind.

Here is what I wrote to our family coordinator a week later...

From: Abigail Shaw

Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 9:54 AMTo: xxxxxx Subject: Re: Waiting Children Program Information

Nicole, God has laid it on my heart this week to consider adopting a child , I can't stop looking and praying for woineshet, 3 years old, girl. could we review her information? are we eligible for that?
Abigail Shaw
p.s. we have fingerprinting appointments with uscis 8/8/09, so, we are praying for dossier to be done by end of august. i have a few documents that have been fixed, to be faxed for your review.

I remeber this time last year being extremely torn... "could I jump right into being a parent of an older child? Was I adequate? Would God speak to your dad the way he spoke to me about you?

What if you were sick? Why not me? If not me, then who? God can help me, right?"

In the next month, I'll be revisiting our journey to become your mom and dad. It's kind of painful in a weird way... I can not imagine life with out you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Tigist... and our 6 month Post Placement visit

We met our daughter 6 months ago.
It's HARD for us to imagine. Even harder to imagine that she waited for a VERY long time for her family to come. God has done a wonderful, miraculous thing by bringing us together, and we rejoice EVERY time we think about it (mind you, Tim and I rejoiced a little about having a date night last night too :)

I had worried a little about our 6 month social worker's visit. Tim, as usual, was confident and cool about the whole thing. I couldn't stop thinking that my typed analysis of our daughter did not convey her AT ALL!! The social worker was a little late, which gave me another hour to get clammmmy and nervous. Then, the door bell rang... before I could get it, Winnie got to the door and welcomed her in. Next, she brought out her nurse bag, and gave the social worker a few shots and some bandages. Winnie declined the seat next to us for a chance to sit next to the social worker. She drew her a few pictures, hopped on one foot for a while, and then went downstairs to play while we talked over the "adult" stuff. When she came back, she sat on my lap for a second and asked if she could please go outside. She wrote her name on the social worker's picture... N's written backwards and all. At the end of the visit, I was confident just like Tim had been from the beginning. It was just what I had hoped for, she met our Winnie!!

Here are a few pictures of Tigist's birthday party (Winnie's favorite doll)...

p.s. Winnie asked me today when it would snow again... she said she was really ready to play in the snow like she did when she was a baby (5 months ago).

Friday, July 9, 2010

our saturday morning routine

Welcome to Winnie's house!!! She's a great hostess, you should come by for a visit or some tea...

Our farmer's market finds...

Most Saturdays Dad is away from us with work. We have a simple fun morning routine...

1. wake up as late as you can. "Winnie, if it still looks dark outside, and mommy is sleepy, you can stay in your room and read books" Do not wake her up to ask her silly things like, "can you
be the daddy and I be the mommy today?"

2. eat those organic fruitloop type cereal or monkey cereal quickly

3. grap your bag quick and get to the farmer's market 2 blocks from our house. Put in it goat chevre cheese, peaches, veggies, fresh baked bread, and those bison burgers we eat each week. Winnie and I each pick out a flower to buy too. The nice lady usually lets Winnie have 2.

4. go to the "buna house" for coffe and a special water station where you can pour our own cup.

5. we usually sit and listen to folk music or sit at the buna shop and relax for a minute.

6. Can't forget our favorite dog PENNY that we go to visit at the outdoor supply store. Winnie gives Penny several kisses and hugs.

7. are there any garage sales that we can catch on the way home? if so, we do!!

Last week our morning ended with us ladies making 4 loaves of zuccini bread that was delice!!

I love my pal. She is such a great companion at the farmers market, in the car, or even in the kitchen. We've been talking alot about Ethiopia lately... what was her first home like? does she remember her mom? I will treasure these times when I get to know a little more about her beginning. There is so much about her beginning that I will never know and yet I am so curious for the things I CAN know. I caught her hiding candy under a cushon of the sofa. She looked up sheepishly as I scolded her for doing this..."In Ethiopia, I do this all the time with my candy."
She just went to the dentist and is now in line for 1-2 root canals. It sounds like NO FUN, so we'll be praying that the Lord will make them gentle painless procedures. By the way, she had a super fun day of going to chuck e. cheese and shopping with her nana. When asked what her favorite part of the day was, she said, "going to the dentist" hmmm. That's never my favorite part of the day.