Wednesday, June 30, 2010

5 years, 5 months or 5 weeks?

It depends on the day!! Most days it feels as if we have been a family of three ALWAYS. Walking to Gigi's house, running in the sprinkler, swimming in the deep end, giving her the evil eye because she knows what she did is not right!!

Tonight, I told her we were going to go home and just "hang out." Two minutes later, I hear her in the backseat telling Cameron we have got to "HANG UP ALOT OF THINGS WHEN WE GET HOME." Really?? I found an expression that she doesn't understand? That's when it seems like 5 weeks and I happily explain it to her and savor this moment.

I just finished typing our 6 month update for our social worker. I was awestruck for a few minutes. How do I keep all that is in my heart about this vivacious, bossy, beautiful, athletic, bright, and friendly daughter of mine to 1500 words?? How do I describe the way that we have bonded? Can I possibly find words to describe the way that she has changed us and most everyone around her? Yes, she still wets the bed occasionally, she doesn't like time-outs, and she'd rather tell us what to do... but is such a JOY. My report is aweful and if I didn't have better things to do this week (aka Shakespeare in the park, fireworks, new child "basket" for the back of the bike, farmer's market, park, swimming) I might try to jazz it up a bit. It certainly doesn't dojustice to this child of mine!!

So, it's been a little over 5 months with our girl!! You can hear her daily remind us, "when I was little like a baby I came here from Ethiopia. Now I'm a big girl and I don't need a stool to see into the mirror when I polish my teeth." or she proudly states, "I am from Ethiopia and they didn't have toilet tissue there. We have it everywhere here!" or "I was little when I came from Ethiopia and now I want that 'W' off my wall. I want something new on my walls now that I am big!" geez, slow down. I'm not ready yet :)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Tim asked me to post this...

Here is how the end of our day went:

Mommy, daddy, and Winnie were kissing and hugging before Winnie's bedtime. Tim gives Winnie a big hug and says, "I couldn't be a daddy today without having you be my sweet daughter (a bit emotional)." Winnie smiles back and looks him in the eyes, "I've gotta poop now."
laughing and a trip to the potty followed... it was only a stall tactic because she didn't really have to go!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The "GO-TO" guy

Have you ever met someone who knows something about everything?

I have!

He knows every stat about Ethiopia, how much a keg weighs, disaster preparedness techniques for survival in the worst-case scenarios, progressive life saving cardiac skills, how to punish cats, proper care and planting of corn, soy, and wheat, how to fly a plane, the best techniques for making goat cheese, what makes a computer work, how to protect his family, where to cut costs and how to save for retirement, how to roof/wire/rebuild an old home (:, mad blackberry skilllzzz, and ways to make a 4 year old squeal with laughter.

He's my husband. He's Winnie's dad.

This year has taught me to respect him in new ways. He's always been an awesome husband. A true team player. We often joke that the "Amazing Race" show would be a cake walk for us, but in reality it would only work with him by my side. He's my "GO-TO" guy for everything! Now, we've got this new addition that makes him even more wonderful to me. I watch how he patiently teaches her to ride her bike or spell out a word. He picks her up when he's been away at the firehouse and just looks at her with joy in his eyes. They take walks to get coffee or make dinner together. He reads books on how to be the best daddy to your daughters. From that first night when he tucked her into her bed in Ethiopia, he's been an amazing, patient, loving, dedicated father. There is nothing sweeter to me than watching Winnie and Tim together.
What she had lacked, she has now gained ten fold.
Afrecahalow Tim!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I've noticed a trend in the last few weeks... freedom. Winnie's birthday, summer, learning to cut rhubarb with mommy's sharp knife, swimming with floaties in the deep end (no touching, mommy!!!), and big girls seat in the car all have more FREEDOM attached. I've also noticed that with all these new freedoms comes a new sense of entitlement and a new argumentative side.

Tim and I are enforcing some strict listening rules this week and it's HARD!!! She's so darn cute when she looks mad at you for not getting her way... infact I had to turn my face away not to laugh when punishing her last week for almost being hit by a car. YIKES!!!

Today was Win's first day with her new sitter. We miss Tiru, but Ms. Amber has a very sweet heart and we are excited to hear all about their day together.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Birthday festivities

It's been 4 1/2 months since we came home as a family from Ethiopia. This first birthday as a family was a really exciting one for all three of us. We started the day by letting Winnie pick whatever outfit she wanted(the photos below are out of order, please notice the outfits in each one!!!), then whatever foods she wanted, finally... a trip to the mall and those earrings she's been wanting.
We had a Birthday party at our house. Many of our friends and family witnessed a little four year old with a rootbeer and cupcake sugar buzzzzz. She and her friends blew bubbles and ran around until they were silly. I love the beads of sweat on her nose and cheeks when she plays really hard!!! When we got to the pinata, the fun really started... everyone pulled their ribbons, but the candy didn't come out!!! Winnie and the gang started picking up whatever they could find and started beating the pinata like the traditional method... minus the organization. Finally, uncle Brian stepped in and cracked it open over the kids heads.
It was really a great day of bringing many of the people who have supported us along the way!!!

Woineshet's Uncle Jake :)

Party time!!! Thanks Randy for the balloon art!!

In the ear piercing chair!! At this point she was sayin' she didn't want them.

First outfit of the day... Christmas dress.

second or third outfit of the day, Birthday girls choice!!!

Woineshet is heading towards 5 now!! Mommy and daddy want it to slow down just a little, so that we can enjoy every step of this next year.
We love you Woineshet Joy Shaw!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Winnie !!!!

Can you believe it's June already??? Winnie can. For weeks, she has been anxiously counting down the days to "my happy birthday"... For that same amount of time, she has been fixated on one birthday gift.... two shots, one in each ear. It's all she really wants. She doesn't care if it hurts. Winnie also told me today that she wants some "big, big, big earrings... like Maza has..." She is so funny. This holiday weekend Winnie, Abigail, Molly and Papa flew down to Texas to visit friends and family. Abigail reports that she did much better on the airplane. She had a great time with her big cousin Peyton, spent some time swimming, and got to visit some of her friends from ET. She spent the whole evening telling me about her adventure. Then Daddy had to make up for lost time, reading a quadruple set of bedtime story for each day they were gone (Winnie's idea). Before she went to sleep, she asked one more time... "Winnie gets present tomorrow?" Yes, you do....Happy 4th Birthday Winnie. We love you.