Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sleeping Booty

I am increasingly concerned about the story books that we read. First we got Rapunzel from the library... Her mother wanted a certain kind of food so badly that she sold her first born to a witch. Then the prince climbs up her hair, and she becomes pregnant. The witch takes revenge on them both. It's really quite sad.

Next we read The Three Little Pigs, which is not a nice book either. The first two pigs get eaten by a wolf that looks like a dog (which did not help with Winnie's intense dog fears). The last piggy outfoxes the wolf several times, and finally eats the wolf. Kinda gorey.

Then we read Snow White. Her mom wanted to be the fairest in the land, so she gets rid of Snow White. Then she tries to kill her several times. She doesn't succeed, but common on now.

Lastly, and most frightening, is Hansel and Gretel. YIKES. The step mom doesn't like them, so she and the dad drop them off somewhere never to be found in the woods. The crazy old lady in the candy house tries to have Gretel fatten up her brother to eat him. Then they push her into the stove and kill the old lady. They find their way back to the dad, who takes them back because the step mom has died.

Tim and I watch one hour of tv a week. LOST :) We don't have cable. We are careful about what things we expose ourselves to. I never thought that the simple story books that we read might be scary, bad things for Winnie... especially before bed.

I talked to my mom last night... She DID in fact change the story in these same books to make them less scary for me :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


One of our first conversations with Winnie on the night she left the orphanage, via translator:

Winnie-"One day Wobi went away and we never saw her again. She disappeared.(Sad face)"

Mommy and daddy-"see this photo of Winnie and Wobi, Winnie gets to come home with mommy and daddy... and some day Winnie CAN see Wobi again. She went home to live with her mommy too."
(At this point, Winnie looked at this photo on Tim's camera, in our hotel room, in Ethiopia...)

Winnie- (insert huge smile and laugh) "WINNIE CAN SEE WOBI!!!! (Jumping and laughing at this point) Let me see that photo again"

Anticipation has been growing for quite a long time to see Wobi, Winnie's old friend. Wobi and her mom live in another state, but are meeting us in the middle on Saturday. Winnie has an 8x10 of the above photo framed in her room, talks about her daily, and counts the days until they meet again. We wonder if her English skills will communicate all she wants to say about the 4 or 5 months since they were together. I asked her today what she will say to Wobi, and she doesn't know. I am hoping that, like my dearest friends, they will pick up right where they left off!!

Please God, hold off the rain on Saturday :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


I would NEVER be able to keep up with the funny things that my daughter says. Here are just a few that I am laughing about today...

This morning I was kissing her goodbye and she said, "mommy, are you going to be nurse today? BE GOOD mommy, be gentle. Love you. bye."

I have started calling her "BUG" I don't know why, maybe it's something I remember my mom doing. She used to call me "doodle bug." Winnie and I had a conversation about me calling her a bug...I told her that I thought lady bugs were really cute, so sometimes she was just cute like a lady bug too!!
She does NOT like to be called "STINKER" which I have a habit of, and she gets REALLY upset when she does not smell and I call her "STINKER."

The social worker came last week. I told her a friend was coming over to the house and she should smile and have her listening ears on... She told the social worker, "mommy says I smile when me friend comes." also she told the social worker, "you's said 'yeah' and yous supposed to say YES!!!"

That's all for now!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Almost 3 months!!!

Here are some new pics of our last few weeks. We've reached milestones and had some cool times hanging out with friends. Our social worker came by for our 3 month visit!!! It was really a challenge to put all of the changes and growth in these last few months into a few page document. My how the time does fly...
Winnie and Abigail at the zoo last week with a couple AWAA families.
Winnie and Desalagne, both from the Sidama region in Ethiopia, and friends

All the zoo day kiddos.

Ahhh, winnie's first sleep over with the cousins. It was lots of fun painting nails, going shopping, and stoppin' by to see dad at the firehouse.

God has blessed us abundantly, but he went one step further when he gave us a daughter that is a morel mushroom hunter!! She's got a great eye and she sure likes to eat them when they're all fried up.

Mom and Winnie spotting a nice sized on poking out.

A family picnic after our hike. Winnie was ready for a piggyback by the end, but did wonderful.
OH, and the milestone event... She's tying her shoes by herself!!
We've been in landscape mode the last couple days, and she has been a big help. She pushes the wheelbarrow, picks up leaves, and show's us where things should go. She's our little manager.

more to come soon,
Abigail and Tim

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter, and the reason behind it.

I had a hard time figuring out what to say about Easter. Why do we color eggs? Why do we get treats and caramela's and new dresses? Those are even easier than explaining how much Jesus loves us...

This year I realize the price that God paid by sacraficing his son so much more. I look at my beautiful daughter, dancing around in gloves and an Easter dress, and I can not imagine choosing to give her up to save the world. I can not imagine watching her suffer, being mocked and hurt by others. I can not imagine how much God loves me and Winnie and Daddy and you, that he would give up seeing his son dance and sing and smile so that we could live and be forgiven.

Easter is truly a day to rejoice. His love is bigger than we can imagine.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hot like Ethiopia

Today was in the high 70's. Apparently I did not read the forcast... Winnie would not have gone to the park in cords and a long sleeved shirt. Oh and the shirt was White. Oh and we had our first ceramics class, "mud pies," just before playing at the park. Imagine the sweating, clay stained happy kid that climbed into my car. I said "boy, this is hot like Ethiopia today." Winnie said, "no mommy, Ethiopia is TOO hot." Beads of sweat were running down her face and she was thrilled to put on shorts and a too small tank top. She was probably starting to think that it was cold all year round :)