Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So much to report...

Let's see... Where to begin.

1. Winnie's first dream (that she can tell us about) was about butchering a cow. She had 10 hungry babies. There was a cow and she got a knife. She cut the cow at the throat and the thigh..."No mommy no cutting here (stomach)" She chopped it into pieces, and the babies were no longer hungry. That's all she can remember of it, but it WAS NOT A NIGHTMARE. She was smiling when she told us the story!!!

2. She spent friday with Nana. They went to COSI(cool science institute), got a new rainbow colored Dora dress...and sunglasses...and a new camera...and waterbottle...and rock candy...you get the idea. She had a GREAT day.

3. Spent the night with Gigi. Actually 2 nights. She had her bags packed for several days prior to the sleepover. Infact, we ended up walking her bags down to Gigi's house the day before to put things away and pretend to lay in her bed!!!

4. We as a family are ALL learning to replace "yeh" with YES and "hey" with excuse me. Boy oh boy, I think Winnie and Mommy tied for the worst offender award!!! Of course daddy started this whole process and he needs to give me and my slang a LITTLE slack.

5. Tim and I went away for the night to celebrate my big 3-0. I was a little emotional after our strange night in a haunted "Shaker compound..." We both had tears in our eyes as Winnie began telling us that soon "I driving my own car. I will put on lipstick. I will put my baby in the back seat and drive down to Gigi's house. No mommy. No daddy. I will be big and strong like Jesus and daddy."

Please God, make time slow down REAL slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 + 85 = fun filled afternoon

The other day, Winnie and I brought Nina (great grandma) home for an afternoon visit. She showed Nina all her dolls, her bedroom, and her "nurse equipment." My grandma said, "wouldn't it be wonderful if she became a nurse like you? OH, I hope I get to see that day!!" I hope she does too. That would make Nina approximately 104 years old, I don't doubt she has the capacity to live to 104... she's a stinker just like Winnie. They are a great pair.

Winnie was very involved in planting our "starter garden" last week. Molly, Winnie and Mommy went to the nursery to pick out heirloom seeds... Winnie LOVED looking at the flowers... and picking out the prettiest smelling flower for Nina. Then we celebrated with Thai food, which Winnie also loved. Next, we planted edamame (One of Winnie's all time favorite foods!!!), and tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, butternut squash, and flowers.

We also went to the zoo last week. We were excited to show Winnie the REAL animals like Winnie watches in The Jungle Book. I think the Monkeys were her favorite. She enjoyed watching them go potty :) and still talks about their strange anatomy. We watched the elephant drink outside, and that was really cool too.

Her babysitter, Tiru, gave me a lesson in cooking Ethiopian food on Monday. Wow, it was so tasty but not easy. We made spicy red lentils and doro wot (spicy chicken and eggs). We had a feast!! Tiru has been a blessing for us. She takes Winnie to the park, sings Amharic songs, braids her hair, cooks for us :), and is helping Winnie learn colors, numbers, and letters.
Woineshet had a doctors appointment yesterday. SHe is doing great, weighing in at 42 lbs, negative for parasites and ring worm!!! She got three shots, and if you live anywhere around here, she would love to tell you all about them. She will even give you shots if you want a more realistic story. We can not say enough about the great people at Nationwide Children's Hospital. She came home with an easter basket and three games. Mommy came home confident that they were in the best hands.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Winnie's first pair of NEW shoes. We had her in 9.5's striderite had her in 11's. whooops, sorry buggie boo. We've got you a sweet new pair laces and the works.

She shows us the bottoms of the shoes and says "konjo (pretty)" all the time

First go at riding a bike. We affectionately refer to it as a scootcycle...she can't figure out the pedal movement just yet.

When we received updates on Winnie before we adopted her, they said she loved to sing. She sang Amharic songs for the first month, but not too often. I was hoping this singing would come out in full force, and IT HAS!!! Her daddy taught her "Jesus Loves Me" recently. She knows the whole song front and back. Last night we were praying and I asked her if she would like to pray. Her response was "No mommy, you. No Winnie. Winnie sing "Jesus lobs me" for prayer." Now, I can definitely grant her that request!!!

A few days ago, Winnie and Tim were walking to the park. Winnie was reaffirming what she was learning..."daddy, Jesus is big, yes?" "Jesus is strong, yes?" "Jesus Lubs Winnie?" of course Tim is saying yes back everytime.... "daddy, can we telephone Jesus?"

One more story... Yesterday we were picking out her outfit for church. She found the dress she wore on the first days we saw her and left the orphanage. She touched it and said, "I wear this when I see Mommy and daddy." I said, "In Ethiopia?" She had a HUGE grin on her face, "yes, yes." She then pretended to put it on. I pretended to see her for the first time and attempted to recapture the crazy look of JOY I had when I first saw her. We both laughed. I really wanted to ask her what she was thinking. Was she nervous? Was she excited? Did she want to leave? I ended up asking her, "did you know you were coming with mommy and daddy to Woineshet's house when you had this dress on?" She said, "yes."... but I don't think she got the question. I am counting the days until she can understand enough English to tell me about the orphanage days. It won't be long, she's brought up details about our trip home several times in the last few days.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Last Week...

I wanted to post a few pictures of the last week or so... We went and spent the night at Great Wolf Lodge near Cincinnati. Little Winnie was so excited all week to go sleep in another house!!! We went down with my Dad, Amanda and Jake. My Dad is recovering from a really nasty fall at work, so please keep him in your continued prayers. Despite the fact that he is still recovering, we had a great time! The "tinish" (little) water, small slides and tubes were very popular. On the other hand, the "telik wuha" (big water) was not popular, actually nearly panic inducing. So considering that this is only her second time in the pool, we stayed in the shallows...

She was very excited to sit in the tube and be pushed around in the shallow water....

Her and Jake spent some time in the tube together, but honestly Jake had his eyes on some of the big slides that we rode together... I cant believe how big and brave he is. He is growing into such a wonderful young man right before our eyes...


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trading my sanity for shopping...

Win and I went to lunch with our good frient Camille today... OH, I should back up :) Woineshet has decided not to call me mommy anymore. SO, when she calls me "mom," I call her "WIN" and we both just laugh. Anyways, we went to lunch, then to the sporting goods store, and THEN to walk around the mall a bit. It was almost 70 degrees today! She did great at lunch, good at the mall pushing around her stroller all afternoon/tearing peoples ankles up, and I sorta just disregarded nap time today. We went to visit dad at work, and she was failing to listen. At one point, we were talking and looked up... NO "WIN". We started running around Tim's work looking for her, and finally a co-worker came out and told us she was in the kitchen reading the paper!!! After being disciplined for leaving us, we loaded up to go home. Tears all the way home. Dinner with salad and tears. Tears at bath time. Bear necessities (jungle book), then early bedtime.
If you are still reading this, ALL THIS TO SAY "She still needs naps, and so does mommy"

I love being a mommy. I love the kisses on both cheeks, my chin, my forehead, my lips, my nose... and then she asked to kiss my eyes... I thought about it... and said, "daddy wants you to kiss him on the eyes tomorrow. I would hate for you to give all your kisses away without daddy getting some."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

She makes adults feel like cheating...

Today was like any day for the past few weeks, the game MEMORY came out. Just like any day, Winnie the 3 1/2 year old beat papa the ... ok, older gentleman. The bad thing is, she is learning to gloat and snicker when others aren't as good. She looks at her pile, smiles that stinker smile she has, and says "it's talik=big" and looks at your pile and says "tinish=small." I can not help but lure unsuspecting people into the game because the truth is I AM REALLY PROUD OF HER :) In fact, I was flipping the cards into neat piles and turned one over to catch a glimpse of a card before she saw me. I AM A CHEATER TOO.

snuggling next to papa, watchin' a little "bear necessities" together

" Mom, I know we are going to Great Wolfe lodge this weekend, but I would much rather go to vegas..."

She is learning to cheer others on when they do well... "look papa, you have one!!" then runs her fingers through her dozen cards with a smirk.
Side thought today:
As I sit and watch this intelligent little girl play and dance and sing, I am reminded of how awesome our God is. I remember about 2 years ago going through a really hard time in my life. I was angry and mourning the fact that I had such a desire for a baby and couldn't have one. It felt as if no one understood my pain. I broke down one day with some girls from small group. So many times I had heard people say sweeping statements like " It will all happen when you stop thinking about it" or "you've got plenty of time to try for a baby" These friends I was with just let me cry and basically agreed that it sucked. They prayed that God would bless me with a child and give me patience and hope and peace in the waiting. The pictures above are testamony to how God's perfect plan isn't always ours. It's so much better than our small imaginations can fathom. I have to remind myself of the way God works from time to time.
When I feel jipped or lonely or want something right now, I am trying to remember how God brought me something better than I could have imagined when I was in that low place. I think He takes us there to remind us that it is He who has control and who loves us enough to want the BEST for us. No matter where we are and what the situation we are in, If we hold on tight to our Father, it's not going to be easy... but oh the sweet things you will see Him do in your life!!!!
This applies to more than just adoption!!!