Tuesday, December 22, 2009

booked and paid for tickets... FINAL ANSWER :)

We have finalized tickets. again. This time, we have to spend less time in Ethiopia, and we have a 2 days stop in Cairo. Initially, I was feeling hesitant about Cairo. We will have 4-55lb bags to drag, jet lag, busy schedule BUT we get to meet our very special friends there for a little reunion/ touring time. Tim is so excited about seeing the pyramids too... if you know Tim, you are just smiling right now and nodding. He has a "100 things to do in my lifetime list", and I believe he will cover at least two of them on this upcoming trip... maybe three (Tim, is being a dad on there?).

Life is crazy around here. If you haven't received a thank you note yet, We are truly appreciative for the gifts and wishes. If you haven't received a Christmas card, you won't :) but we love you and wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

We have a great traveling families group going to Ethiopia the week we are there. I get to take pictures of some very special kids that are waiting for their forever families and deliver care packages!!! We hope to take some video and a ton of pictures.

Our house is a war zone!! If you dropped by today, you would be VERY afraid.

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a wild ride...

There's nothing simple about adoption. From the forms that are I171-h, 600a, 601, to silly paperwork that has you driving 120 miles to obtain just one bitty stamp. This year has been a wild ride for us. We've moved twice, made extensive :) repairs to our new place, Tim's had several second jobs, and THIS THING CALLED ADOPTION.

All that to say, we may have different travel dates. We are hopeful that our agency will confirm for us that we only need to go to Ethiopia for 1 week. It's all about being patient, and waiting on the Lord. We've become better at it this year, and we have found that there IS joy in the unknown. There IS a reason that things happen the way they do. I just prayed a minute ago that God would work out all the details and reveal them to us as He sees fit. I'm just glad I didn't send the reply to our travel agent, stating "buy the tickets." (which I was seconds from doing!!).
Stay posted for a new picture of Woineshet's room... Coming soon.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tickets on hold...

Hi, just an update from the Shaw's here. We have two and a half tickets reserved today on Emirates airline. We spend the night in Dubai, and arrive in Ethiopia January 11th!! We've been praying and searching for cheaper flights, and the nice people at Golden Rule Travel really got back with us quick. I think we will purchase these tomorrow. It's a difficult choice, because our travel dates are tentative, and might not be confirmed until 10 days before we leave... at which time the airline tickets would be HIGH HIGH HIGH!! So, it's a gamble, but we know who is in charge :)
Thanks for keeping all this in your prayers. We certainly can't think of anything better than this Christmas gift we have been given!! We are both working on Christmas (which we don't mind at all this year!) and leave the next day for a long ago planned family trip. So, our life is going to get a bit crazy in the next few weeks. We will try to post, and keep ya updated.
We love you!!
Tim and Abigail
p.s Christmas in Ethiopia is January 7th. If you haven't visited Abbysinia, (I hope I spelled that right) our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, Maybe you should. Tiru is a doll, and the kitfo and injera can NOT be beat (get extra cheese). They have a buffet this Sunday, let me know if you need details!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We just got this photo from a friend who went to Ethiopia and visited Woineshet. There really isn't much more to say, except that she pointed to me and said "mama."

We are currently looking for tickets and praying for some embassy issues that may keep us in Ethiopia longer. Either way, we are leaving soon, and have SO much to be grateful for. We love Winnie with all our hearts, and Tim and I share so much excitement for the day we UNITE our family.

p.s. I can't thank Cristina enough for loving on Winnie and taking this priceless photo. The encouragement I got from hearing about her... well, it keeps me going, keeps my eye on the prize :)

I have a fun, crazy blog I follow for adoption...http://mycrazyadoption.org/
Check it out!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

riding in LUXURY

Did you know that carseats now have a recline button? oh, and a cup holder? Also a few storage bays for snacks, barbies, etc. Winnie's grandma and grandpa bought her a SWEET carseat/booster today. She'll be riding in style.

Today we sat behind an African couple with two small girls. As much as I love Rich (our pastor) I couldn't help staring at the 4 year old girl. In fact, the dad turned around once and probably thought it odd that I was flat out gazing at her :) Her dad wrapped his arm around her and rubbed her arm. When it was time to leave, he zipped her up and put her hat on!! I couldn't help thinking about all the little girls like Winnie that don't have a dad to love them. They might smile and have fun at the orphanage, but to be without the love of a mom and dad is a deep and lasting loss.

Lately, I've heard a few people say they would adopt if they could. It's usually the money thing that makes it seem impossible. Man, don't lose hope!! There are a lot of kids out their (millions to be exact) that are hoping they will find a mom and dad to love them and be their family. They will watch Tim and I come get Winnie, and wonder when it will be their turn. So, you've already got kids, your too old for more kids, there's no room at your inn for another little person...There are so many reasons we talk ourselves out of things, rationalize why it can't be done... IT IS POSSIBLE, and YOU MAY BE THE ANSWER TO SOME LITTLE PERSONS PRAYERS. I'm just sayin' :)

Less than a month to Winnie!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just in from Ethiopia...

So, we got word from our friend in Ethiopia. She visited Winnie the day of her court, and sounds like they had a great day!!!

"Hi Mommy,

I can't open your attachment but I am assuming it is good news by the subect line. I saw Winnie yesteday. I have fantastic photos that I will burn to a CD when I get home. The files re huge becuse my camera takes high res. Anyway, all I can say is that she is awesome! Our God isawesome! She is fun, funny, smiley, healthy, giggly. Wait until you see her in person. I have so much to tell you. The card was a huge hit nd the dress is adorable. It is all captured in the photos. She's a little chunker. She is right at the edge of the size you sent. I think it was 3T so she is really on her way to 4t. She and W*** are hugging in one of her photos and that is definitely going up on the wall in her room."

So, our girls big :) and smiley. I knew that already, and so do you, cause now I can post pictures !!!!

Yesterday we had 3 different tentative travel dates. We think we have them just about nailed down, January 10th - January 22nd. We will receive confirmation from our agency and BOOK OUR TICKETS TO GO TO ETHIOPIA!!!!!
Things are really starting to feel real. We really are a family of three. We really have a date to go now. We really have a bunch to do!!
God has poured blessing on our family, and we are so grateful!!!
Tonight we are having a glass of wine and a Shaw family planning meeting.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

more pics

It's official

tick tock tick tock

Well, it's 530pm in Ethiopia. Courts should be closed and our case should have been heard. My e-mail friend Cristina should have played, hugged, and loved on Winnie today. Our daughter might be dancing around in her new poppy dress(if she can squeeze into that 3t), looking at our pictures, and eating protein bars as I type this :) Oh, and listening to me say "I love you" over and over again via the recordable hallmark card.
We could be traveling to Ethiopia in about a month. 1 month. just a few short weeks. just past Christmas. 4 or 5 saturdays away. Ok, you get it...
several people have asked me if I'm excited, how do you even have words to say it?

So, we are waiting for the phone call, and continue to leave it in God's timing.

Friday, December 4, 2009

More good news

We received an email today with tentative travel dates. We must plan to be in Ethiopia for 2 weeks at this point and may be leaving around January 12th!!! We are hoping to go a few days early and travel to Winnie's home town of SIdamo. Well keep ya posted...
Continue praying for successful court date December 8th!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

He made it...

to court!! That's right, I found out from our agency that the uncle did make it to court Tuesday. He should not need to come back!! This is very good news for our case. We are so excited for our next court hearing, but trying not to count the days or make ourselves crazed by it :) hah, easy to type, harder to do... but seriously, we have such a supernatural peace about it right now. There's no sadness or disappointment, we are just eager to see what next Tuesday has for our little family.

Winnie is growing leaps and bounds. A traveling family sent us pictures today, and told me she was wearing 5-6 clothes. Well, there goes the 3T wardrobe I've been organizing in her room :) So, we'll just have to wait and see what she fits into when she arrives!! So far, she likes m&m's, I'm a little teapot book, pictures of herself (more so than pictures of us), hair things, and the 3T dress that I'm pretty sure will NOT fit her !!! She is described as being "very funny" and imitates the caregivers. I will be SO happy to see these things myself!!!

What are we doing to occupy ourselves? We are going to see the movie The Blind Side and have Indian food tonight. A little Shaw date night. Tim leaves for Georgia this weekend, and we've got a pretty busy December ahead of us. I will start packing my bags the day we pass court :) and Tim will pack his at midnight, the night before our plane leaves!!!

We are so grateful for all the prayers, phone calls, and just plain LOVE we have from friends and family. Thank you,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Court Today

We have some bad news to share about our court date... We received word this morning from AWAA that we did not pass court. Although details are not available, it sounds like our paperwork did not make it to the court house today. Our new scheduled court date is December 8th. I am honestly not looking forward to another week of anxiousness, fear and anticipation. Of course we are not the only family waiting for news today. We know that we are sharing the same feelings with other families. I pray that they all recieved better news than we did this morning.

We feel broken today, bent to our knees. In our helplessness we know that God is in control of this situation. We know that He is faithful and amazing. We know that all of the the orphans in Ethiopia are His children and that he is unfailing in His love for them. So what will we do? For the next week we will wait, pray and be still in our faith, knowing that He is God and His plan for us is good...